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What is the Keen Community?
What is the Keen Community?
Written by Keen Engineer
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The Keen Developer Community consists over 50,000 developers and individuals from 3,000+ companies. 

We did a community survey at the end of last year for the Keen community and finally wrote about some of the results we found:…/what-we-learned-when-we-surveyed-our-deve…

Some of the results were kind of surprising and others less so. We learned that we have people who attend our events and tune in to our communications from almost every continent. Our developers love everything from PHP to Scala and many of them contribute to Open Source Projects. 

We believe in inclusivity and have embraced keeping our community a safe place. Curious about how we promote equality and respect in our community? We have announced our Keen Community Code of Conduct.

Interested in chatting with us or attending an event? Be a part of our Developer Community:

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