These steps show you how to delete a collection from our Settings Panel user interface. As always, you can process deletes directly via the our API. See how in our API docs:

Step 1: Log in to, select your Organization name

Step 2: Select your Project name

Step 3: Select Streams  

Step 4: In the Event Streams section on the page there is a dropdown menu that says "Select an Event Collection". Select your Collection name

Step 5: Press “Collection Properties”, and the “Delete Collection” icon will appear

Step 6: To delete, select “Delete Collection” and confirm “OK”

            (Warning: Deletion cannot be reversed!)  

Error: Message “Oops, there was a problem deleting your collection.” 

This error appears when your collection contains more than 100,000 events. Note: You can only delete a collection with less than 100,000 events. Delete some individual events, or re-name your deprecated collection.  

Fig 1: Project → Streams → Select a Collection → “Delete Collection”

Fig 2: Confirm Deletion (Warning: deletion is irreversible!)

Fig 3: When you see this busy icon, it means the API is processing your request. Please wait for a confirmation or rejection message box. 

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