If you sign up for the Standard Plan, you’ll receive an invoice at the end of your 2 month free trial. 

Calculating cost

  • Cost is calculated based on users (550yen/person on the Standard Plan)
  • You’ll be billed for what you use
  • Inactive users will not be charged and you’ll receive a prorated credit for the unused days
  • Prorated credit will be deducted from your monthly bill based on the previous month’s usage
  • Kibela Points are automatically deposited to your account at each payment cycle, 1 point = 1 yen

For further details on Kibela Points, read here.

Charges from Kibela

There are two types of charges: monthly and per additional user.

Monthly Billing

When you upgrade to the Standard Plan, you'll be required to pay that month's fee upfront. Afterwards, you'll receive a monthly bill. 

Billing per additional user

In addition to the monthly charge, you’ll be charged for each additional user the following day. You’ll be charged 550 yen/person on the Standard Plan. 

Use of Kibela Points at Billing Cycle

If you have prorated credit in your account, we’ll draw against your credit balance until it runs out. Once you run out of credit, we will start charging your credit card.

Payment Method

We only accept credit card payments. We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express.

To ask for an invoice or to inquire about other forms of payment, ask the internal Kibela chat or email support@kibe.la

Payment FAQ

Q. Where can I register my credit card?

Open the Setting page and click on the “Payment Information” tab. Users with the team admin privilege can register credit card information.

Q. Is Kibela secure to handle my credit card information? 

We use Stripe to handle all credit card transactions. We store the last four digits of a credit card number in our database for validation purposes, however, Kibela cannot search, use, or withhold your credit card information.

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