If you sign up for the Standard Plan, you’ll receive a monthly bill after the 2 month free trial. 

If you do not provide a credit card by the start of the bill cycle, or we are unable to bill you for your service usage, your team account will be temporarily suspended.

When your team is suspended, you will not be able to access your team’s Kibela account. However, the team admin are able take the following actions:

  • Register and change credit card information
  • Downgrade to the Community Plan
  • Delete users

You’ll be able to access your Kibela account if you register a valid credit card or downgrade to the Community Plan. 

If you do not take any of the above action for more than 2 months, your team account will be deactivated. Once we receive your confirmation to delete your account, you’ll be able to export your data such as your blog and wiki.

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