We currently have 2 plans available: the Community Plan and the Standard Plan. SSO and other features are available on both plans.
Plans can be upgrade/downgrade at any time by the team admin.

Community Plan

  • Cost: free
  • Users: up to 5 users
  • Groups: up to 4 groups
  • Storage: up to 1GB/month per user

Standard Plan

  • Cost: 550 yen/user (tax included)
  • Based on previous month’s usage, prorated credit deducted from bill
  • Users: unlimited
  • Groups: unlimited
  • Storage: up to 5GB/month per user
  • Audit Log feature

Get a 2 weeks free trial when you upgrade to the Standard Plan

You’ll get an automatic 2 weeks free trial of the Standard Plan if you upgrade for the first time. There’s no need to provide a credit card during this trial.

Downgrade from the Standard Plan to the Community Plan

You can downgrade to the Community Plan at any time. We will reimburse unused days of your Standard Plan in Kibela Points, and you can use the credit to upgrade plans in the future. 

However, you cannot downgrade if you have more than 5 users on your team. To downgrade, the team admin can delete members from the member management page. 

All content (blog and wiki) written by deleted users will remain archived and searchable.

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