Here at Kickbooster, we know a lot goes into campaigns- including your cash! That's why we try to keep our monthly rate low and commissions are only chargeable if your campaign succeeds.

Pricing Overview

Monthly Subscription Fee
$29 Per Month  
(From the day you activate your subscription until you cancel it at the end of your campaign once all commissions have been paid out). 

Learn about our cancellation policy here.

During Campaign (Referral program during the campaign)
3% of all the pledges generated through Kickbooster plus the reward you choose to pay out to your Boosters (affiliates) for successful pledges made through their Booster links. 

We only invoice campaigns that are successfully funded. That's right, if you don't hit your funding goal, you pay ZERO commissions, so there is no risk in using Kickbooster!

The amount you choose to offer your boosters is completely up to you and dependent of your project margins. Our system defaults to 10% but you can bump that up or down as you see fit. The higher the percentage, the more enticing your campaign will be to promote!

Example: If you set the incentive to 10% and $1000 is raised through Kickbooster, we collect $130 in total. $100 is paid to your Boosters and $30 is used to cover the processing and administration fees.



Becoming a Booster is completely free; in fact, you make money for helping back campaigns!

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