Here at Kickbooster, we know a lot goes into the management of your crowdfunding campaign as well as all the costs involved. That's why we try to keep our rates as affordable as possible. 

The beauty of Affiliate/Referral Marketing is that you're only paying commissions on actual results. 

How much does Kickbooster cost?

We charge a low monthly subscription fee of $29/mth to access our tools. We also charge a fee of 3% of any pledges generated through Kickbooster.

Continue reading for a more detailed explanation of our pricing and invoicing procedures.

Monthly Subscription Fee

Campaign Admin's can take as much time as they need to set up their Pre-Launch or Referral program. Once you're ready to activate the tool, you will need to commence your subscription.

The subscription fee is $29 per month from the day you activate until you cancel it. Learn about our cancellation policy here.

Upon activation, you will instantly be invoiced and charged for the first month's subscription. The subscription will automatically be charged each month until you cancel it.

Affiliate Commissions and Fees

When you run a referral program through Kickbooster, you get to choose the commission percentage you're willing to offer your Boosters. A typical offering is anywhere between 10-20%.

One of the many perks of using Kickbooster's tool is that you don't need to worry about managing payouts to your Boosters, we take care of all of that for you.

At the end of your campaign, we will issue you an invoice for the Affiliate commissions and 3% Kickbooster fee. These amounts are based on the total amount pledged through Kickbooster, not of your overall funding goal. 

Example: If you set your reward to 10% and $1000 is raised through Kickbooster, we collect $130 in total. $100 is paid to your Boosters and $30 (3%) is used to cover the processing and administration fees.

For your convenience, we automatically charge the card on file 21 days after issuing the invoice, allowing time for Kickstarter or Indiegogo to send you your funds.  

If you want to make payment before then, you can process the invoice through your Kickbooster account at anytime. 

Once payment is received, we will process payouts to your Boosters. Commissions will not be paid until your payment has been received so please don't leave them hanging!

Here's the great part. We only invoice campaigns that are successfully funded. That means that if you don't hit your funding goal, you pay ZERO commissions. There is no risk in using Kickbooster!

Indiegogo InDemand

When your campaign is live on Indiegogo InDemand, Indiegogo will disperse your funds to you every 4 weeks. 

For that reason, we handle your affiliate invoices for InDemand a little different to the standard billing cycle explained above. 

In an effort to follow the cycle that Indiegogo will be dispersing your funds to you, we will also invoice and charge you for the associated affiliate fees every 4 weeks for all pledges made 4 weeks prior. 

If you close your Indiegogo InDemand page, we will issue you a final invoice for your affiliate fees and charge you 21 days later, allowing time for you to get your funds from Indiegogo. 

Please note that if for any reason Indiegogo are not able to disperse your funds to you, for example if you have not yet provided your banking information to them, Kickbooster will still proceed to invoice and process your payment. We make a strong attempt to follow their billing cycle but do not track the actual payment disbursements made between Indiegogo and your organization.

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