Here at Kickbooster, we're trying our best to simplify the marketing aspect of your crowdfunding campaign. 

Campaign Owners

From a campaign owner's perspective, you should think of Kickbooster as an extremely easy-to-use and cost-effective tool to compliment your existing marketing strategies. 

When reaching out to media influencers, bloggers and industry contacts, Kickbooster allows you to incentivize them to write about your campaign, ultimately tapping into audiences you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to. It’s also a great way to increase your current backer engagement who can refer their friends/family/colleagues in return for cash-back. 


From a Boosters perspective, Kickbooster is a tool that allows you to help promote all your favorite crowdfunding campaigns and earn a commission for your efforts!

Our Tools

Our suite of tools were built to help you before you even launch, and continue after your campaign is over. 


Build up the hype before going live and launch your campaign to an engaged audience

Start your campaign off right by building a community of followers before you even launch. 

Kickbooster allows you to build a landing page to get the word out about your upcoming campaign and collect email subscribers for users that want to be notified once your campaign has launched.

Learn how to set up your Kickbooster pre-launch page


During Campaign

Incentivize others to help you get the word out about your campaign

Kickbooster allows campaign creators to run a referral program during their crowdfunding campaign and provides incentive for Affiliates (or as we like to call them, "Boosters") to share and promote your campaign. 

Kickbooster automatically creates personalized booster links for each booster and tracks these links using Google Analytics. Our links are tracked for clicks, pledges, cancellations and adjustments so you feel safe knowing you’re not paying for cancelled pledges during your campaign! All you have to do is connect with Kickbooster, set your reward, and spread the word- we’ll take care of the rest!

The best way to reach your fundraising goal is through word of mouth. Kickbooster gives your friends, family and backers a reason to spread the word about your campaign, drastically increasing your chances of reaching your funding goal. Plus, once your campaign has ended, we will pay out the boosters on your behalf!

Learn how to set up your Kickbooster referral program.


Post Campaign

Point your existing Booster links to your new page to keep the momentum going

After your crowdfunding campaign is over, point your existing Booster links to your website, pre-order page or late backer page to keep the traffic flowing. 

Learn how to use our Post-Campaign tool.

Kickbooster is crowdfunding campaign marketing made easy!

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