There are 2 ways to register as a Booster through Kickbooster.

  1. You can signup as a Booster through a specific Campaign that has asked you to take part of their referral program.

When a campaign sends you the link to their Kickbooster page, it will take you to a page similar to this. Simply click on the button to get started!

    2. You can signup as a Booster right from our Home Page.

 If you want to become a Booster and promote campaigns listed on our Marketplace, simply click the 'Get Started' button on our Home Page. 

Then go through the 'Booster' signup flow

Whichever way you sign up as a Booster, you will have access to Boost any campaign on our Marketplace. Simply click the 'Boost Campaign' button on any campaign you wish to promote, and you will receive your unique URL for that campaign. 

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