There are 2 ways to join the Kickbooster community. Both routes will lead to the exact same type of account, it just depends on whether you:

  • Heard about a Kickbooster referral program right from a Campaign Owner
  • OR Are signing up as a Booster right from the Kickbooster website

1) A Crowdfunding Campaign is asking me to sign up to their referral program

If a campaign has approached you about their Kickbooster referral program, you can sign up as a Booster right from their Kickbooster page.  

All you have to do is click the signup link the campaign sent to you, review the referral program details, then sign up to boost their campaign. The page will look similar to this: 

Fill in the form to set up your account:

You will instantly receive your unique Booster link for that campaign:

You can always find your link again on your dashboard: 

2. I want to sign up as a Booster on Kickbooster's Website

You can also sign up as a Booster right on our website. All you have to do is click 'Get Started'

Then go through the 'Booster' signup flow

Find More Campaigns

Whichever way you sign up as a Booster, you will have access to any campaign on our Marketplace.  Feel free to cruise around the Marketplace and start boosting any campaign that interests you!

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