Whether you're a blogger or writer for an editorial content site, or maybe you just LOVE crowdfunding as much as we do and want to earn some cash for talking about interesting products to your audience, Kickbooster is the tool for you.

A Booster is what we like to call users that sign up to promote campaigns in return for a commission-based reward. You are signing up to help BOOST a campaign by spreading the word to audiences that they may not have otherwise had access to. In return for your help, the campaign is willing to offer you a percentage of the successful pledges that are generated through your unique Booster link. 

Kickbooster is a tool that allows you to generate a Booster link (otherwise known as an affiliate link or referral link) on hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns that are offering a reward for helping spread the word about their campaign.

Becoming a Booster is completely free, in fact you earn money! All you have to do it sign up, write about cool campaigns and use a Kickbooster link to earn commissions.

Tip: To learn more about how to earn commissions through Kickbooster, be sure to check out this article.

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