Once you've signed up, it's time to start setting up your referral program. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the setup.

Please note that in order to launch your referral program:

1) Make sure you're in the right campaign stage

Head over to Campaign Settings and make sure you're in the right campaign stage.

2) Design your Booster Page

Before we go any further, it's important to understand what a Booster page is. Your Booster page is the landing page that you will direct potential Boosters to in order to sign up to promote your campaign. This is the page that should describe what you are offering in return for their help. Boosters will hit this landing page and register to boost your campaign from there.

Here's an example of a Booster page:

Now, head over to your Crowdfunding Settings and start designing your Booster page. 

You will note that when you insert your campaign URL, Kickbooster will automatically pull in the name of your campaign as well as the main image on your page. You can adjust this as you see fit. 

Kickbooster provides default text which is commonly left as is, but you can feel free to add any other details you want to be visible on your Booster page.

3) Set your Reward

This is the percentage you're willing to offer Boosters for successful pledges made through their unique Booster link. While keeping budget in mind, be sure to choose an enticing reward to remain competitive with other campaigns listed on the Marketplace. You can always increase the reward throughout the campaign. 

4) Connect your Campaign

Google Analytics is how Kickbooster tracks when successful referrals pledge towards your campaign. Kickbooster needs to connect to the Google Analytics tracking code you have placed on your campaign page. 

Click here to view our tutorial about connecting your Google Analytics.

5) Launch!

Once you're ready to launch your referral program it's time to enable your Booster page. Once enabled, you will receive the URL to the page you should be directing potential Boosters to. If you choose to disable your page, any existing Booster links will remain live however new Boosters will be unable to sign up.

6) Add your campaign to our Marketplace

Once your Booster page is enabled, be sure to add it to our Marketplace to allow the Kickbooster community to see it!  

Don't forget to hit 'Save'. 

7) Spread the word!

Now that your page is live, grab your Kickbooster URL and start telling the world about your referral program:

Be sure to check out the following articles for more tips on how to spread the word!

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