You can absolutely adjust your Boosters incentive at any point throughout the campaign. However, keep in mind that any transactions made prior to the change will be locked in at the agreed amount at that time. All new transactions will be set to the new incentive.

Please note that you can increase the incentive for existing Boosters, but you cannot decrease it. The reason for this is that some Boosters put a lot of work into promoting your campaign so we don’t think it is fair to decrease their incentive following their efforts. Any new Boosters registered after the change will be setup at the new rate.

If you are looking to adjust the Booster reward for ALL Boosters:


You can adjust a specific Boosters reward by following these steps:

Once a change has been made, the percentage offering on the campaign is applied only to future events. Funds raised through the platform prior to the % adjustment will have the original % applied. 

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