Once you've signed up as a Campaign Owner, it's time to get your Booster page setup so that Boosters can start promoting your campaign.

1) Make sure you're in the right campaign stage

Head over to Campaign Settings and make sure you're in the right campaign stage.

2) Connect Kickbooster with your Google Analytics
Head over to During Campaign > Settings to connect Google Analytics. We use the Google Analytics from your Kickstarter page to track the clicks, pledges, cancellations and adjustments through Kickbooster links. Without connecting your Google Analytics, you won't be able to turn your page on.

Be sure to check out this article for more information/videos about connecting Google Analytics.

3) Set your Booster commission %
Set an enticing commission % that you are comfortable in offering your Boosters as a reward for spreading the word about your campaign. Click here to learn more about adjusting your Booster commissions. 

4) Start building your page
When you connect your campaign, you'll notice that we've captured the main campaign info as well as your campaign image. You have the ability to edit all the info as you see fit. 

Once you've filled out and designed your Booster Page settings, be sure to hit Save.

5) Preview your page
Once you've saved your page settings, be sure to Preview it to make sure you're happy with how it looks before setting it live! As you can see, you're still in preview mode until you set your page live in Settings. 

6) Set the page live!
Make sure you've added a credit card inside 'My Account' to activate your subscription before you can set your page live. Once that's done, head back to your During Campaign > Settings and change your page from Disabled to Enabled.

7) Spread the word!
Now that your page is live, grab the link and start telling the world about your upcoming launch! Reach out to industry contacts, media outlets, friends, social media, anyone you can think of that! 

You can monitor your Booster signups and activity right from your dashboard.

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