Using Google Analytics, Kickbooster can track clicks, pledges, cancellations and adjustments made through Kickbooster links. 

If a cancellation takes place within the 2 weeks after the campaigns funding period is over, the campaign must provide proof of cancellation to in order to amend the invoice, before the 21 day invoicing period is over. 

Due to limitations on Kickstarter, Google Analytics cannot verify if a backers payment is successful or not. It is very common for a percentage of pledges made on Kickstarter to result in a failed payment. Thankfully, Campaign Owners have the opportunity to try and recoup most of those failed transactions if they decide to work with a third party Pledge Manager to send surveys. Unless clear proof can be provided that a pledge that came through Kickbooster cannot be recouped, we will continue to invoice for all pledges that were not cancelled during the funding period. 

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