If you're running into issues connecting Kickbooster with your Google Analytics account, here are some tips from common issues we come across:

  1. Kickbooster needs to connect to the UA code that you have inserted into your Kickstarter settings. Be sure you are connecting to a Google account that has access to that UA code or else you will be unable to connect.  You don't need to signup with Kickbooster using the same email address as the Google Account linked to your Kickstarter, however you will need access to that Google Account in order to successfully connect.
  2.  Ensure your Ecommerce settings are ON and that your Enhanced Ecommerce settings are OFF.
  3. You need to have a Google Analytics account just for your Kickstarter page. You will need to create either a new account just for your Kickstarter page or a new property for your Kickstarter page under an existing account. We can't use the tracking code from your website because we need to track activity to and from your Kickstarter page.

    To create a new property under your existing account, log in to Google Analytics and select the account. Then click on the Admin button (bottom left-hand side of the screen). In the middle column, you will see "Property". Under Property there will be a dropdown menu, click on the drop down menu and select  "Create New Property".

To learn how to setup a Google Analytics account and connect it to your Kickstarter and Kickbooster accounts, please check out this article

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