Once you have signed up, you will receive a Kickbooster URL to share with your potential Boosters and Backers. The link is also available on your Campaign dashboard. Once you have your unique link, there are many ways to get the word out about your campaign:

1) Add your campaign to Marketplace

If you haven't already, add your campaign to the Marketplace page to make it visible to the Booster community. We also hand pick our favorite campaigns to be featured as staff picks to give even better visibility.  You can add your campaign, once your account is activated, right from the Settings page.

2) Offer an enticing reward
While keeping budget in mind, make sure your Booster reward is enticing. If your campaign is listed in the Marketplace, review other campaigns and be sure you are is offering a competitive reward. By default, the reward will be set to 10% but feel free to bump that up if you can. Remember you can increase the Boosters reward at any time during the campaign.

3) Share on Social Media
Share your Booster page on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media is a great outlet to make your campaign go viral.

4) Reach an audience beyond your existing network
Engage with forums, blogs, and other sites that are relevant to your project and let them know about your referral program. They will be more inclined to promote your campaign over others if they know they can make a commission when your campaign succeeds. 

5) Notify your pre-launch subscribers
If you collected email addresses during the pre-launch stage of your campaign, be sure to share your Booster page with those leads. They have already bought in to your idea, why not let them help you spread the word and make some cash!

6) Notify your backers
Post a Backer Update to let your backers know they can signup to Boost your campaign and get rewarded for their efforts. Your backers have already bought into your idea and are excited about your project. This makes them wonderful candidates to help you spread the word about your campaign. We recommend using the Backer Update wording from this article)

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