Having a pre-launch email list is a smart move to optimize your time before launch and create an audience who will be ready to pledge once your campaign launches!

On Kickbooster, you can see the list of pre-launch email subscribers, called leads, right from your pre-launch dashboard!

Export your list

Once you're ready to export your email list, visit your pre-launch dashboard on Kickbooster

and select the Export List button:

Import your list

Once you're ready to communicate with your list of subscribers, we recommend using a tool like Mailchimp to manage your email blasts. You can signup for a free account right here.

*There are tons of tools that you can use, but we've had great experiences with MailChimp, so we recommend them!

MailChimp has a great Help Doc outlining how to import on their system.
Scroll down to the heading titled "Import to MailChimp" as we have done the first few steps for you!

Tip! If you're brand new to MailChimp, we suggest checking out their help center and reading other articles to get acquainted with their system!

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