Once you've signed up as a Campaign Owner, it's time to get your Pre-Launch page setup.  All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1) Make sure you're in the right campaign stage

Head over to Campaign Settings and make sure you're in the right campaign stage.

2) Go to Pre-Launch > Settings and start building your page.
This is where you will want to add all the exciting details about your upcoming campaign and why people should subscribe to your page.

Be sure to upload an image or video to show off your product. You will also want to pick colors that look great together and that match your branding. Once you've filled everything in, hit Save.

3) Preview your page
Once you've saved your page settings, be sure to Preview it to make sure you're happy with how it looks before setting it live! As you can see, you're still in preview mode until you set your page live in Settings. 

4) Set the page live!
Make sure you've added a credit card inside 'My Account' to activate your subscription before you can set your page live. Once that is done, head back to your Pre-Launch settings and change your page from Disabled to Enabled.

5) Add your Pre-Launch Page to our Marketplace
Once your page is live, you have the ability to add your Pre-Launch page to our Marketplace. It will appear in the 'Coming Soon' category. This is great for Boosters who might be interested in promoting your campaign once it's live.

6) Spread the word!

Now that your page is live, grab the link and start telling the world about your upcoming launch! You can monitor your signups right from your dashboard.

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