Kickbooster is the perfect complement to your crowdfunding campaign. Whether you’re using a crowdfunding platform to raise money for a project or as a way to get traction for a new product launch, Kickbooster can help you build hype before your campaign launches, drive more pledges during, and keep the sales coming after your campaign ends.

Kickbooster is building a suite of products to help project creators get from crowdfunding to ecommerce, and elevate everything in between.

Referral Marketing

Kickbooster’s referral marketing product is the first of its kind in the crowdfunding industry. Made specifically for crowdfunders, the referral marketing product provides one central place to manage your affiliate, referral, and influencer networks.

Referral marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your project.

Pay for performance.

Referral marketing is entirely performance-based. Only pay out a commission when a referral leads to a successful pledge.

Achieve higher conversion rates compared to other forms of advertising.

People trust recommendations from people they know. Referral marketing is a great way to provide an incentive for your supporters to help you spread the word about your project.

Gain access to new audiences.

Referral marketing provides a way for you to reach audiences you may not have had access to. Content creators like bloggers, vloggers, and media publications are always looking for ways to monetize their content. Inviting content creators to participate in your referral program is a great way to incentivize them to spread the word about your project to their dedicated audience.

Build an army of advocates.

Referral marketing is a great way to thank and reward your supporters for their efforts in helping make your crowdfunding campaign a success. When your supporters invite their friends to participate in your project, your army grows.

Get content created for you.

Your affiliates only get paid when you get paid, so it’s in their interest to help you market your project. Often, your affiliates will create awesome content to help sell your product. Partnering with content creators like vloggers is another way to generate top-quality content for your project.

When you run a referral program through Kickbooster, you get access to your own custom dashboard to view and manage all of your affiliate tracking links, and monitor your affiliates’ efforts.

Kickbooster automatically creates personalized referral links for each affiliate and tracks these links using Google Analytics. Our links are tracked for clicks, pledges, cancellations, and adjustments so you can rest assured knowing you’re not paying for cancelled/failed pledges during your campaign! All you have to do is connect with Kickbooster, set your reward, and spread the word about your program— we’ll take care of the rest!

Kickbooster for Shopify

Once your campaign ends, you can continue leveraging the traction you earned through crowdfunding by offering a referral marketing program for your ecommerce store.

Kickbooster gives ecommerce merchants the ability to pay referral marketing commissions in either cash or store credit. Additionally, you can promote your referral campaign through a custom sign up page, or as a pop up for your customers after they make a purchase from your store.

Pledge Manager

Kickbooster’s Pledge Manager can be used by crowdfunding project creators to collect vital information from their supporters needed to fulfill the rewards promised during the campaign.

Raise funds after your campaign is done

Creators are able to include add-ons and reward level upgrades in their Pledge Manager’s backer survey, this can encourage backers to spend more and increase the average pledge value per backer.

Since most campaigns usually last 30-60 days, creators only have a limited time to raise funds for their project. Some backers can be hesitant to pledge to a higher reward tier because they don’t know if the project will be successful after it gets funded. Allowing upgrades in the post-campaign survey gives backers a chance to change their minds and pledge for more rewards as the project gets closer to fulfillment.

Pull products into the survey & manage orders through your ecommerce store

Kickbooster’s Pledge Manager integrates directly with the creator’s ecommerce store, pulling products from the store into the survey to configure. This means that each product only has to be created and configured once.

Now that Pledge Manager is already integrated with the ecommerce store, the creator can manage the backer orders directly through their store’s backend. When a survey is completed in Kickbooster’s Pledge Manager, an order is automatically created in the ecommerce store, the same way a sale is when a customer makes a purchase directly through the store. This allows the creator to manage fulfillment in one place while taking advantage of their existing settings, apps, and plug-ins.

Performance-based pricing model

Kickbooster only charges a commission on the funds raised through add-ons and upgrades in the backer survey.

Other pledge management programs include shipping in their ‘funds raised’ fee calculation, meaning creators are paying a commission on not only the add-ons/up-sells but also shipping fees. Kickbooster only charges fees on the value of add-ons or upgrades, NOT on the total cart value, which would include the cost to ship items.

Recover more pledges

With Pledge Manager, all backers, including those with failed pledges, can be imported into the system after the campaign ends. Backers with failed pledges are added with a pledge value of $0, but the reward tier they attempted to pledge to is saved. When it’s time for the creator to send surveys to their backers, the backers with failed pledges will have another chance to pay for the reward they tried to pledge to on Kickstarter.

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