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How do I add my campaign to the Marketplace?
How do I add my campaign to the Marketplace?

Learn how to make your Referral Program visible to our existing network of Affiliates

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When you launch a referral program with Kickbooster, you have the ability to showcase it on our Marketplace, making it instantly available to thousands of Affiliates looking for new products to Boost!
To add to our Marketplace, just head to your Share settings, toggle to Yes, and Save.

Important Reminders

  1. Adding your campaign to our Marketplace is completely optional.

  2. Any sales made through Marketplace Affiliates or through Kickbooster directly (Marketplace, Newsletter, etc) will be charged at a 5% administration fee rate instead of 3%.

    • Note: If an affiliate joins your initial referral program through our Marketplace, our 5% admin fee will apply to any future referral programs that this affiliate participates in.

  3. For eCommerce referral programs, you will need to complete a test order in order to add to our Marketplace. Click here to learn more about how to perform a test order.

  4. Your crowdfunding campaign needs to be live in order to add it to our Marketplace.

  5. You can remove your program from our Marketplace at anytime, however, all existing Marketplace affiliates will remain in your program.

  6. If your referral program is disabled, we will automatically remove your program from our Marketplace.

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