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When should I start running my Kickbooster referral program?
When should I start running my Kickbooster referral program?
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Whether it be your Crowdfunding campaign or Shopify store, Kickbooster is a great tool to give a boost to hit your funding goal or increase sales for your store by leveraging off of your existing list of contacts and followers or entice completely new contacts to help promote your product(s).


We've seen many campaigns succeed when launching their referral program on Day 1 of their campaign. We've also seen many campaigns succeed when launching midway and promoting the referral program to their accumulated list of contacts and backers at that point. 

Whatever way you lean towards should really depend on your current following, contact list and timeframe of your campaign. Here are a couple suggestions:

  1. Launch Kickbooster when you've built up a list of backers and you want to motivate them to help you spread the word. If you can build up a contributor base to activate and engage, the referral program can act as the final boost to get your campaign to its goal. 

  2. Launch your Kickbooster referral program as soon as your campaign launches. This works best if you already have a list of people you want to promote your referral program to.  Industry contacts, media outlets, bloggers, and YouTubers make great Affiliates. If you have already built up a list of contacts, let them know about your referral program right away so they can grab a referral link and start talking about you campaign with their audiences. 

Another thing to consider here is that if you are liaising with higher-end media outlets that may ask for a prototype/sample to review before promoting your campaign, you will definitely want to make sure you've begun your referral program earlier in the campaign to allow time for things like this. 


Because there is no urgency to raise funds by a certain time when you have an online store, the timing of launching your referral program isn't as crucial. Here are a couple scenarios of when it would be really beneficial to start one:

  1. If you already have ambassadors or influencers that you are already working with and want to further motivate them by offering a cash back commission.

  2. You want to grow an army of brand ambassadors to help promote your store and increase revenue. Offering cash back commissions can motivate them to get on board!

  3. You want to offer your customers a rewards program that allows them to earn some extra cash or store credit to use on your store.

At the end of the day, the timing of the launch for your referral program is really up to you. We have seen success in different scenarios, but something to keep in mind for crowdfunding campaigns is that a successful referral program can often depend on your list of contacts accumulated before the launch of the campaign. 

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