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Learn what you can access before you start your subscription.

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Although Kickbooster is offered to you at a low rate of only $39/month, we think it's only fair to let you check it out before activating your subscription.

Here is what you will have access to before having to link a credit card for activation:

  1. Design and preview your Booster Signup page

  2. Choose your Affiliate commission

  3. Connect your Google Analytics for Crowdfunding campaigns (this is how we track clicks, pledges and adjustments) (Crowdfunding setup only)

  4. Run a test order to ensure that Kickbooster is able to successfully track referrals for your Shopify store (eCommerce setup only)

  5. Check out the stats that will be available to you on your Kickbooster dashboard

Once you've completed all the steps before activating and you're happy with the design of your Booster Signup page, simply link a credit card to activate your account. You will then have access to set your page live and start spreading the word!

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