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Where should I share my Booster link and/or coupon code?
Where should I share my Booster link and/or coupon code?

Tips on how to get the word out

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As a member of the Kickbooster community, we want to help you earn some great rewards for participating in hundreds of different referral programs. 

Your unique Affiliate link for each referral program will be your ticket to getting the most out of the referral program, so you'll want to share it as widely as you can. 

If you've signed up as an Affiliate, you may already have a Website, Blog, or Youtube channel that you plan to promote products on. Or maybe you have a decently sized social media following and want to use that platform as a source of additional income. 

Based on our experience working with some really great media outlets, we've come up with some best practices that we suggest exploring to see the best results:

1.) Utilize Social Media

We highly recommend promoting on your social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Social Media is an amazing outlet to get the word out and convert sales. You can do this right from your dashboard:

If you have a blog, it could be a great source to earn additional income. If your blog caters to a specific type of audience then be sure to keep your referrals relevant for your target market. For example, if your blog is about Parenthood, look for referral programs relating to things like children's toys, books or anything that would excite a parent.

3.) Promote on your website

Don't forget to add your referral inks to your website. Again, if your website caters to a specific audience, be sure to select products that would interest them to convert well.

Whether you're writing about a product on your website, blog, or maybe as a guest post on someone else's website, add your unique Affiliate link wherever you can to get the most traffic possible. We suggest adding the Affiliate link to your in-line content when referring to the product, and then again at the end of the article with a 'Buy Now' button to make it very clear where they should go to make their pledge or purchase.

4.) Create a 'Deals Page'

If you have a website, you may want to consider promoting Kickstarter campaigns on a specific 'deals' page and highlight the fact that the product listing on Kickstarter is cheaper than what the retail value of the item will be. Be sure to check the Kickstarter page as many campaigns will include the retail value of each pledge level.

5.) Send Newsletters

Many of our most successful Affiliates will send regular newsletters to their list of subscribers to highlight some featured products. Depending on your subscriber list, we find that newsletters generally convert well. 

Here's an example of our very own newsletter:

6.) Make a YouTube video

Some Affiliates will go above and beyond to get the word out by creating a Youtube video. You can include your Affiliate link right in the description as well as different spots of the video. 

7.) Include your Affiliate link in Online Forums
If you're participating in online discussions that relate to products you're promoting, be sure to include your referral link as part of the discussion. 

8.) Get Creative!
These are certainly not the only ways to share your referral link. Think about all the ways you interact with people in your network, and look for ways to let them know about products you are promoting.

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