Kickbooster uses a dual-tracking system to monitor clicks and pledges made through your affiliate links throughout the duration of your campaign.

Kickbooster uses a combination of Google Analytics and collaborator access to your project to monitor pledges and pledge cancellations throughout the campaign, as well as detect any failed or refunded pledges once your campaign is over. This dual-tracking method enables Kickbooster to validate the pledges made through your referral links, and void any commissions earned on pledges that we detect as having not been successfully collected by the crowdfunding platform.

How to add Kickbooster as a collaborator

After connecting your Google Analytics UA code in your settings page, the next step is inviting Kickbooster as a collaborator to your project.

1.) The 1st step is clicking on the invite button, which will redirect you to Kickstarter or Indiegogo to send the invitation.

Here's more information on adding Kickbooster as a collaborator on Kickstarter and on Indiegogo.

2.) After you send the invitation, the last step is clicking on the confirm button to confirm that Kickbooster has received the collaborator invitation.

3.) Once Step 1 and 2 are completed, you will see "Collaborator Invite Received" and means that Kickbooster has the proper access to run a validation sync at the end of your campaign (if successfully funded).

Important Notes

  • If Kickbooster is removed as a collaborator from your campaign, we will be unable to validate the pledges made through your referral program.

    • If access is not granted, Kickbooster will proceed with issuing your affiliate fees invoice for commissions on all referrals tracked regardless of whether the pledges were successful or not. It is in your favor for Kickbooster to validate pledges so you do not pay commissions on any failed or canceled pledges.

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