By connecting to the Campaigns Google Analytics tracking code, Kickbooster is able to track clicks, pledges, cancellations and adjustments made through Kickbooster referral links. 

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If a pledge is made through your Affiliate link, it can take up to 1 hour to see it on your dashboard.  

If you still can't see the pledge on your dashboard, it could be for a few different reasons such as:

  1. Based on limitations provided by Kickstarter, we are only able to track pledges that occur within the same browser session as the initial click. Different browser and devices define a session differently so the accuracy of all pledges varies depending on the person being referred to the campaign. This limitation is because Kickstarted doesn't allow campaign owners or third party software to place a tracking pixel or cooking information within the Kickstarter platform

  2. Google Analytics cannot track the source of conversions when users block cookies. As a result, Google Analytics may report some conversions as direct, rather than attributing them to a referrer. 

  3. Currently, it’s not possible to track traffic to your project from the iOS and Android Kickstarter Mobile app through Google Analytics. Because of the tracking limitations imposed by Kickstarter, almost all mobile conversions are attributed to Kickstarter directly even though they may have come from a variety of different sources.

  4. The backer is using an Ad Blocker that either blocks Google Analytics by default or has been customized to block Google Analytics. 

If you have any further questions regarding a referral that was not successfully tracked, feel free to reach out to our support team at

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