Best Practices: Pitching your Referral Campaign to the Media
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You've launched your project and are now running a referral program for your crowdfunding campaign. Now how do you get the media to put your product in front of their audiences?

Kickbooster is a wonderful tool to compliment your existing marketing strategies. 

Many assume a referral program is just another thing they need to spread the word about. We disagree. At the end of the day, you should already be reaching out to the media about your campaign. Letting them know they can participate in your referral program to earn commissions for their efforts is just another way of enticing them to get on board. Keep in mind that a lot of publishers are already looking for ways to generate a revenue from their articles. Kickbooster is allowing you to offer just that!

Reaching out to the press

Aside from the existing network of Affiliates that refer to Kickbooster to find new products to promote, we strongly encourage making a list of relevant publishers, influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers who write about similar products in your niche (Here's an article that talks more about creating this list).

We've talked to some of the biggest and best outlets out there to learn more about what kinds of requests stand out and make their way to the right people. 

Based on their feedback, here is a sample of the type of communication formatting you should consider using:

  • Subject Link: Make it close to the headline you would envision for the article.

  • About (told as succinctly as possible): Who are you? What is the project? What problem does it solve? How is it different from its competitors? 

  • Newsworthy proof-point: What makes this project newsworthy?

  • Assets: Provide your media kit and any additional materials they can use to promote your campaign.

  • Call to action: Share your story with their audience. Grab a Kickbooster affiliate link to earn a commission on successful referrals!


Here is an example that you can work from:

Hi there,

We just launched [campaign name linked to campaign page], a [what the product is] and are at __% of our goal with __ days to go. We think our product would be a perfect fit for your site because [reason]. 

Here's some more info about our project:

  • This is the problem we are solving.

  • Here are some features that make us different from the rest.

  • Here is a media kit where you can find more photos and videos to use in your coverage

We'd really love to be featured on your site and as a Thank You, we've joined Kickbooster and are offering __% commission for any successful pledges that get generated through your unique affiliate link. You can grab a link right here: [insert your sign up page link]


Make your referral program visible on your crowdfunding campaign page

A lot of publishers will explore the Kickstarter and Indiegogo websites to find great campaigns to write about. You'll want to feature your referral program prominently on your crowdfunding campaign page so they know they can earn commissions for their efforts.

We recommend adding a banner to your crowdfunding campaign page to make it visible that your project is being boosted by Kickbooster. Another idea is to link the banner to your sign up page. Here is the link to our banner options:

Other Tips

✅ Keep your email outreach short and sweet. As you can imagine, these people
      receive many pitches each day so try to respect their time and keep your message

✅ Be relevant. Tailor each message that you send to a journalist or blogger.

✅ Make your story newsworthy and compelling for writers. For example, share some
      of your processes which might be unique. Prove that you already have traction
      and interest.

✅ Keep your mailing groups small and your messages personal, showcasing your project's unique features and rewards.

✅ Offer any additional content you can, including videos and high-resolution photos
      they can use.

✅ Be specific with what you're asking people to do. If you're reaching out to the
      press, don't ask them to buy your product. You're simply asking them to share with
      their audience.

✅ Don't be pushy.

✅Don't spam people!

✅ Kickstarter says it best.. Don't expect magic. You can't just announce your campaign and sit back while everyone raves about it. You will need to keep reaching out, answering questions, and letting people know what you're doing. Encourage them with your referral program!

For additional tips and tricks on getting your campaign successfully funded, be sure to check out our Crowdfunding tips page!

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