Adding Kickbooster as a Team Member on Indiegogo

How to add Kickbooster as a Team Member on your Indiegogo campaign.

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In order to prevent you from paying commissions on failed, cancelled, or refunded pledges, we need to be added as a Team Member to your Indiegogo campaign team.


By adding, we can sync the pledges that are tracked and verify them before issuing your Affiliate fees invoice(s). 

How do I add Kickbooster to my campaign team?

1. Click on the 'Team' tab under the 'Campaign Editor' section within your Indiegogo dashboard

2. Scroll down to the 'Campaign Team' section, input into the 'New Team Member Email' field, check the 'Grant this team member full editing rights on the campaign.' box, and click ' Send Invitation'.

Make sure you save you changes before leaving the page.

How much access will Kickbooster need?

We require editor rights to your campaign to be able to access the data we require to track and validate referred pledges.

Please note that we will NOT make any changes to your campaign page or settings.

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