In order to prevent you from paying commissions on failed, cancelled, or refunded pledges, we need to be added as a Team Member to your Indiegogo page.  

By adding, we can sync the pledges that are tracked through Google Analytics and verify them before issuing your Affiliate fees invoice(s). 

Click here to learn how to invite people to your team

How much access will Kickbooster need?

We don't need access to anything other than to the backer report so we can pull in the necessary details we need to verify a pledge. 

Please note that we DO NOT require Editor access to your campaign in order to sync the pledges. All we need is Fulfillment access to pull in the information we need.

What information is Kickbooster syncing?

When our app syncs to your campaign page, we are pulling in the following information:

  • Backer Name (so you can easily locate them and compare yourself)

  • Confirmation that the pledge is successful (this will remove any pledges that were cancelled/refunded)

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