Enabling the Post-Purchase Pop-Up
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Kickbooster's Post-Purchase Pop-Up feature allows you to automatically invite your customers to participate in your referral program after completing their order on your store.

Enabling Kickbooster's Post-Purchase Pop-Up is a great way to increase traffic and customer engagement, and ultimately, increase your sales. 

The best part about this feature is that it takes no time to get up and running.

Once installed, it pretty much runs itself. Think of the post-purchase pop-up feature as a ‘set it and forget it’ aspect of your eCommerce store.

As you can see here, the pop-up will display as an overlay on your customer's Thank-You page:

Once the customer agrees to become an Affiliate, they are instantly taken to their very own dashboard where they can share their unique referral link.

How do I enable the post-purchase pop-up?

1.) Head to your Design settings page and customize the look of your pop-up.

2.) Ready to activate? Simply select 'Yes' in your Activate settings and don't forget to click on 'Save and Continue'.

and that's it!

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