Best Practices: Pitching your referral program to your backers

Learn how to encourage your backers to promote your campaign!

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Aside from having a great project, the single most important success factor in the crowdfunding world is to get as many people to know about your campaign as possible.Β 

Backers have pledged to help make your project come to life. People who are excited about getting their hands on your product may also be willing to refer their friends and family to help it succeed. Kickbooster gives them an opportunity to do so and earn rewards for their efforts!

In this article, you will learn how to pitch your referral program to your backers.

Post a Backer Update

We recommend adding a public Backer Update about your referral program. Be sure to remain in line with Kickstarters Terms of Use as per this article.


Here is an example that you can work from:

Hey Backers!
Thanks for helping us get one step closer to bringing our project to life!
We're looking for help to spread the word about our campaign!
We've opened up a referral program that allows you to grab a unique referral link to share with your friends and family. You can earn commissions for any successful referrals that come through your link.

All you have to do is:

  1. Head to our sign up page below and sign up to Boost our campaign

  2. Copy your unique referral link

  3. Share the link on your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website, or wherever you'd like!

  4. Refer to your dashboard to monitor your referrals and commissions!

Please note that this offer is only valid for new referrals you bring to the project and will not be valid against your original pledge.

We appreciate all your help and can't thank you enough for being an early adopter on this project.


Feature your referral program prominently on your campaign page.

Visitors can sign up and refer their friends, who may be in the market for an item like yours, even if they haven't backed the campaign themselves. It's important for every visitor to learn about your referral program.
We recommend adding a banner to your campaign page to make it visible that your project is being boosted by Kickbooster. Another idea is linking the banner to your sign up page. Here is the link to our banner options:Β 

Other Tips

βœ… Post regularly about your referral program on social media to keep it top of mind for your followers.

βœ… Don't be pushy.

βœ… Don't spam people!

βœ… Kickstarter says it best.. Don't expect magic. You can't just announce your campaign and sit back while everyone raves about it. You will need to keep reaching out, answering questions, and letting people know what you're doing. Encourage them to share your message by rewarding them through your referral program!

For additional tips and tricks on getting your campaign successfully funded, be sure to check out our Crowdfunding tips page!

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