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In order for Kickbooster to track a conversion that takes place on your store through an Affiliate's link, we place a cookie 🍪 on the customer's browser. 

Setting the duration of that cookie allows you to dictate how long a visitor has to purchase from your store after clicking on an Affiliate link in order to credit the Affiliate. 

At this time, we allow you to set the duration from 30-365 Days. 

To break it down even more, let's assume your cookie duration is set to 90 days. A visitor clicks on a s link on January 1st and leaves the site without making a purchase. That same visitor then comes back directly to your store on March 1st and makes their purchase. This order would be credited to the Booster since the purchase was made within the 90 day cookie duration. 

Any purchases made outside of the cookie duration would not qualify as a referral. 

What should I set my cookie duration at?

It's ultimately up to you as the merchant to choose a suitable cookie duration. 

One thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to affiliate marketing, the market is increasingly competitive. The cookie length could potentially be a deciding factor between promoting your product over another. 

If you're trying to attract publishers, choosing a more lengthy cookie duration can help demonstrate commitment to recognizing an affiliate's worth. 

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