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Launching a Referral Program
Launching a referral program for my Shopify store
Creating an incentive for your referred customers (Shopify only)
Creating an incentive for your referred customers (Shopify only)
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In this article, you will learn the following:

Why Merchants are offering their referred customers a discount

Allowing your Affiliates to offer their friends/audience a discount when making a purchase through their link is a great way to increase sales 💰!

Being able to encourage their friends with a discount on their purchase is a great way to help the Affiliate refer more sales to your store. 

There are a few scenarios in which the incentive can be a great strategy to use.

  1. Your influencers are using social media platforms that don't allow links inside their posts so they want to be able to share a discount code to use upon checkout.

  2. Your affiliates aren't necessarily sales and marketing gurus. Giving them a discount to offer their friends/family is a great way to help them refer more sales.

  3. You're lining up an amazing network of affiliates that are ready to promote your products during the Holiday season. The holidays are a great time to offer your best prices!

  4. You're working with some amazing influencers that want to give their dedicated audience a special price. 

Kickbooster allows you to manage these offers within your referral program. 

How to set up an incentive for your referred customers

  1. Head to your Reward settings.

  2. Scroll down to select an Incentive for your referred customers.

  3. Choose the discount type (Percentage, Fixed Amount or Free Shipping).

  4. Input the Discount Value.

  5. Select the minimum requirements to be eligible for the discount (e.g. Minimum order of $15 or no minimum purchase requirement).

  6. Enter a discount code prefix (optional). If a prefix is entered, this code will appear at the beginning of each code we generate for every Affiliate (e.g. SHOP10-XXXXXX, SHOP10-YYYYYY).

Communicating the offer

Once you've saved your Reward settings, it's time to Design your signup page and branded pop-ups. This is where your Affiliates will learn about what is being offered to them and their friends/audience. 

Be sure the offer is communicated properly in your Page Header and Description. Feel free to use the defaulted text that simply explain your offering:

Sign up Page Design: 

How is the discount code created?

Booster Signup Page

Affiliates that register to your referral program from your signup page will have the ability to choose their referral code. 

Upon registration, Kickbooster will verify that the code is unique and will automatically create it inside Shopify. If their selected referral code already exists, Kickbooster will automatically apply additional characters to the end. 

Keep in mind that if you entered a discount prefix code in your Reward settings, your prefix code will be included when creating an Affiliates discount code.

Post Purchase Pop-Up

For Affiliates that join your referral program after making a purchase on your store, Kickbooster will automatically generate a unique code inside Shopify once they follow the simple steps to create a Booster account.

Note: The codes associated with your referral program will be easily identifiable inside Shopify. To prevent any issues with the offer being made to your Affiliates, DO NOT DELETE OR EDIT the coupon inside Shopify.

How is the discount applied to the order?

When a customer clicks on am Affiliate's unique tracking link, the discount will be automatically applied to their order as long as they meet the minimum requirements (if any). 

Discount Pop-Up

When an Affiliate refers someone to your store, the potential customer will see the following discount pop-up (which you can design) which will explain the offer and give the ability to copy the discount code: 

Special Note

  • Offering a referred customer discount is only available for Shopify referral programs. This feature is not available for Crowdfunding.

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