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What is Marketplace and how can I access Kickbooster's network of Affiliates?
What is Marketplace and how can I access Kickbooster's network of Affiliates?

The most frequently asked questions about Kickbooster and our network of Affiliates.

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One of the added bonuses of launching your referral program with Kickbooster is the ability to add your referral program to the Kickbooster Marketplace.

Advertising your referral program on our Marketplace will make it visible to an existing community of Affiliates that refer to Kickbooster for new programs they can participate in.

Important Reminders

1. Adding your referral program to our Marketplace is completely optional.

2. Any referrals generated through Marketplace affiliates or through Kickbooster directly (Marketplace, Newsletter, etc.) will be charged at a 5% administration fee rate instead of our standard 3%.


Naturally, we get a lot of questions about our Marketplace and network of affiliates. We've compiled a list of FAQs for your convenience. 

How do I add my campaign to the Marketplace? 

Who are the Affiliates in Kickbooster's network?

Our affiliate network has different types of users looking for campaigns to promote. Here are some of the types of affiliates we've seen: 

  • Social influencers

  • Large publishers

  • Professional marketers

  • Agencies

  • Bloggers

  • Crowdfunding experts

  • Customers looking for the latest and greatest campaigns

  • People looking to make some extra cash on the side!

Many of the affiliates will write about a large range of products, whereas others are looking for more specific product categories to fit their audience. 

Can I email Kickbooster's Affiliates?

No, we do not provide the contact information for Affiliate users on Kickbooster. The Marketplace is where the affiliates can see your referral program and choose to participate. 

It is up to you to invite as many people as you can to your referral program. Click here for some tips on getting the word out.

Can I see a list of the Affiliates in your network?

No, we do not publicly display a list of the affiliates in our network.

How do I tap into the network and get them to promote my products?

Kickbooster's Marketplace is a great way of getting your referral program in front of an existing network of affiliates. This allows them to see all the available referral programs they're able to participate in.

Something to keep in mind is that it's ultimately up to the affiliate to choose to participate in your referral program, so there are no guaranteed results by adding to our Marketplace.

Do the Affiliates in the network often refer themselves?

In the Kickbooster network, we generally have 2 types of affiliates:

  • Content creators (publishers, influencers, affiliate marketers) with large audiences

  • Individuals who support stores/campaigns using our platform 

In the second scenario, affiliates will often purchase products from stores or make a pledge to a campaign using their own affiliate link in order to generate a commission. The way we look at this is that by opening your store up to our Marketplace, you're gaining access to new potential customers that might not have been familiar with your store or campaign beforehand.

If you're running a referral program for a Shopify store, you can click here to learn more about handling self-referrals.

Do I have to add my referral program to the Marketplace?

Adding your program to our Marketplace is completely optional. It is certainly encouraged if you're looking for help in reaching a larger audience.

How do I get featured as a Staff Pick?

Our team takes special care in selecting our favourite referral programs to be featured as Staff Picks on our Marketplace. 

Promotion on our end is largely based on your referral program's activity— the more active you are and the more of your community you bring to your Kickbooster referral program, the more promotion you can expect to receive. 


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