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Launching a Referral Program
Launching a referral program for my Shopify store
Why aren't referrals being tracked successfully on Kickbooster?
Why aren't referrals being tracked successfully on Kickbooster?

Read about potential tracking issues for your eCommerce store

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There are a few potential reasons why Kickbooster may not be successfully tracking referrals on your eCommerce store.  Listed below are the most common issues.

We always encourage Merchants to:

  • Run through a few test orders before launching your referral program to the public. Click here to learn how.

  • Consider the potential impact on referral tracking when installing other apps that can affect your checkout flow.

  • Contact anytime you feel there may be an issue with tracking. We're always here to help and want your referral program to succeed! 

Issues specific to your test order

  1. You haven't refreshed the table
    After running a test order, you need to refresh the table so that we can capture the test order.

  2. You didn't run the test in Incognito mode
    Kickbooster uses cookies to maintain accuracy, so you’ll need to mask your history so you have the effect of a new visitor to your website. 

Other potential tracking issues

  1. Your store is using a Shopify app that replaces the normal checkout process
    Kickbooster works with many apps that replace the standard Shopify checkout process such as Bold Cashier, Bold Recurring Orders, and Zipify OneClick Checkout. However, your store may be using an app that we are not yet integrated with and it could be preventing us from being able to successfully track when a referral is made.

    Please contact and let us know what checkout solution your store is using and we'd be happy to investigate further!

  2. Your custom website is using Javascript Buy SDK
    If you're using a custom store along with the Shopify BuyButton instead of using the actual Shopify interface, Kickbooster may be unable to track referred purchases using our standard methods.

    Click here to learn how to successfully track referrals in this case.

  3. Your homepage is taking too long to load and our script is unable to run before the customer clicks away
    When a customer clicks on a Kickbooster link and is taken to your store, we're able to track their purchase because of the script we run when they first land on your site.  However, if your store's landing page is slow to load (e.g. you have a lot of large images and scripts that load) and the customer clicks away from the landing site before our script has successfully loaded, we will not be able to track the referral.

    Please contact to discuss this issue further.

  4. Your store is linking from a custom domain over to a domain or vice versa.
    When a customer clicks on a Kickbooster link and lands on your custom OR myshopify domain, our tracking parameters are added so we can track the referred purchase. However, if the customer clicks on a button that takes them away from the domain and into a new domain, our tracking cannot continue following the transaction.

    For example, let's say you use a custom domain for your store but when the customer clicks on your checkout button they are taken to your domain, our tracking cannot follow the referral after the change in domain.

    Please contact to discuss this issue further.

  5. Your customer did not click on a Kickbooster link before making their purchase
    If your customer made their purchase directly on your store without clicking a Kickbooster link, we do not track that as a referral and cannot attribute it to a Booster.  

  6. Your customer completed the purchase using a different device and browser from the one used to click on the Kickbooster link
    Referral tracking is cookie based and is dependent on the customer completing the purchase in the same browser that was also used to click on the Kickbooster link.

  7. The purchase has not hit a paid status yet
    We don't consider a purchase to be a successful referral until the purchase hits a paid status. 

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