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How to perform a test order

Learn how to ensure Kickbooster is properly integrated with your store.

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Successful referral tracking is the most important aspect of running a referral marketing campaign.  We encourage Merchants to ensure Kickbooster is properly integrated with their store by performing a few test orders before going live. 

There are a few reasons why Kickbooster may not be automatically tracking referred sales. The primary reason is because your store may be utilizing other apps that replace the normal checkout process and may require additional steps to properly integrate. By running a test order, you can ensure referral tracking works and reach out to our team to investigate any issues before going live.  

How to perform a test order

1.) Create a test link

The only requirement to creating a test link is that Kickbooster is installed on your store. The test link will not generate a referral commission or count as a Booster in your referral campaign.

2.) Paste the test link into a private/incognito window
Kickbooster uses cookies to maintain accuracy, so you'll need to mask your history so you have the effect of a new visitor to your store. 

You will notice a pop-up at the bottom-right corner of the screen. This indicates whether or not our tracking script has loaded to your site. If the tracking script has not loaded, Kickbooster will be unable to track the conversion. 

Note: Only you will be able to see this pop-up. If you accidentally used the test link in a non-private/incognito window, you may see this pop-up in future as well. If that's the case, simply clear your cookies to make the pop-up go away. 

3.) Make a purchase

The next step is to make a purchase on your store through the test link. 

To prevent having to make an actual payment, we suggest making a 100% discount code to use when running through your test order. Proceed to place an order just like a customer would. You can cancel it later. 

IMPORTANT: If your store uses various methods or special behaviours to place an order (e.g. express checkout buttons, bundles, subscriptions, upsells, etc), we encourage you to test this. The various apps you use to handle the special behaviours may require additional steps to integrate with Kickbooster. 

4.) Head back to Kickbooster and Refresh the Test Orders table
Once you've made your purchase, click 'Refresh Table' so we can reload the page and bring in your order:

If your order appears in the table, that means it was successfully tracked! 🎉

If the order does not appear after a few minutes, you can read about potential tracking problems or email to investigate further.

5.) Cancel your order
Kickbooster makes it easy for you to cancel your order. Simply click on 'Go to Shopify Admin' to cancel. 

If you run into any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at We're here to help!

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