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How to create additional referral links (eCommerce Campaigns Only)
How to create additional referral links (eCommerce Campaigns Only)

Creating additional referral links allow you to track various efforts and point to specific product pages for eCommerce campaigns

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When you join an eCommerce campaign's referral program, Kickbooster will automatically generate your unique referral link. We call this your 'Affiliate link'. When sales or pledges are made through your Affiliate link, Kickbooster detects that you were the Affiliate that referred the sale.

Can I create multiple tracking links for an eCommerce campaign?

Absolutely! As an Affiliate, you may want to track various efforts, whether it be promotions done through your newsletter, social media or blog. 

Kickbooster allows you to create multiple affiliate links and name them accordingly. Simply follow these steps:

1.) Head to the specific eCommerce campaign you are wanting to create an additional link(s) for, and click on 'Link Builder':

2.) Click the 'Create New' button

3.) Give your new link a name (e.g. Newsletter)

4.) Click 'Create'

Can I create an Affiliate link that points to a specific product page?

You bet! 

By default, your primary Affiliate link will point to the stores home page. But let's say the store sells multiple products, and you want to point your readers to a specific item. Kickbooster allows you to create an additional Affiliate link that points to the specific page you want to direct your readers. 

Follow the steps listed above, except this time, adjust the destination or your URL to the page you're wanting your Affiliate link to point to: 

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