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Launching a referral program for my Shopify store
Why am I seeing a Kickbooster tracking notification on my store?
Why am I seeing a Kickbooster tracking notification on my store?
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One of the most important steps when setting up your referral program for your Shopify store is running a test order to ensure that Kickbooster is able to successfully track referrals on your store.

If you're seeing the following indicator on your store, do not be alarmed.

This notification will only appear when you use your Kickbooster test link when running a test order on your store. No one else will see this notification unless of course you gave them your test link. 

This notification will indicate whether or not Kickbooster's tracking script has loaded to your site. If the tracking script has not loaded, Kickbooster will be unable to track referrals made to your store using standard tracking methods. 

Please reach out to if the notification indicates that tracking is not loading to your store. 

I'm not using my Kickbooster test link and I'm still seeing the notification. Why?

As per our instructions, when you create a test link, you should copy and paste it into a private/incognito window. If you use the test link in a non-private browser session, you will need to clear your cookies to prevent this notification from being visible going forward.

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