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How can I tell my existing Boosters about my new referral campaign?
How can I tell my existing Boosters about my new referral campaign?

Learn how to invite your existing Affiliates from one referral program to another.

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Launching a new referral program and want to invite your previous Affiliates? Kickbooster has made this possible!

When should you consider using this feature?

This feature is really beneficial if you've launched a new store or crowdfunding project and want to invite all Affiliates that participated in your previous referral program. It's an easy way to target those that have already showed interest in a product you've already launched!

How to invite past Affiliates to my new referral program

Inviting Affiliates from one referral program to another is extremely easy. Just follow these steps:

1.) Head to 'My Campaigns' and select the referral program you are wanting to invite your existing Affiliates to.

2.) Once you're inside the relevant referral program, go to your 'Share' settings and scroll down to 'Invite your past Boosters'.

3.) Click 'Select Boosters' and proceed to select the Affiliate you want to invite.

You can click 'Select All' or select individual Affiliates. You can also click 'Previously Sent' to see Affiliates you've already invited.

4.)  Once you click 'Send Invites' after selecting the appropriate Affiliates, Kickbooster with automatically email the Affiliates an invitation to participate in your new referral program.

Special Notes

  • If an Affiliate is registered to multiple previous referral programs, they will only receive 1 invitation. 

  • At this time, you will not have the ability to customize the invitation to your Affiliates.

  • Affiliates have the ability to unsubscribe from these types of notifications. Kickbooster will only send the invitation to those that are subscribed to receive these emails. 

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