Rewarding your Boosters with store credit
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In this article you will learn everything you need to know about rewarding your Affiliates with store credit as opposed to cash commission.

When should you consider using this feature?

Whether it's due to strategy or budget, there are several reasons you may consider rewarding your Affiliates with store credit as opposed to cash. Here are a couple examples that may resonate with you:

  • You want your customers to participate in your referral program and would prefer to have them spend their commissions back on your store.

  • You're targeting Affiliates (e.g. your customers, influencers, YouTubers, etc) who are motivated by 'free product'. 

Steps (Merchant)

When offering store credit as a reward, Kickbooster is allowing your Affiliates to turn their commissions into store discount(s) to use on their next purchase(s).  

This feature uses Shopify's Discount Code functionality to provide your customers with their reward code. 

Here are the steps to enable this feature:

1.) Reward Settings

Head to your Reward settings, choose the commission % you'd like to pay your Affiliates, then select Store Credit as the payment method. 

2.) Communicate the offer on your Signup page

When your Affiliates register to your referral program, they should be aware that their commissions are going to be paid in store credit. Be sure to communicate this on your Signup page. 

Steps (Affiliate)

When successful referrals are made, your Affiliate will accumulate commissions that can be turned into coupons used at your store. Here is a quick summary of what they would experience:

1.) Affiliate earns commissions on successful referrals made to your store

When your Affiliate successfully refers a sale to your store, Kickbooster will calculate their commission and display them on the dashboard as a reward 'In Review'.

Commissions will remain in review until the referral has successfully completed the referral review period.

2.) Affiliate claims their store credit by creating coupon codes

Once the Affiliate's referral has successfully completed the referral review period, Kickbooster will display their reward as 'Available'. The Affiliate can then go into their Rewards section and create a coupon code with their store credit.

The Booster can claim all of their credit now, or choose to create a coupon using only a portion of their balance. 

Kickbooster will automatically create a single-use coupon in your Shopify store.

3.) Affiliate uses their coupon code on your store

The Affiliate has up to 30 days to use their coupon. If they click on 'Use on Store', the coupon will automatically be applied to their order.

Affiliates can continue to promote your store, earn commissions, and generate coupon codes with their commissions, for the length of time that your referral program is live.

Special Notes

  • Once an Affiliate creates a coupon code, the coupon is only valid for 30 days. 

  • Kickbooster does allow you to launch multiple referral programs for your store so you can for example, launch a 'store credit' offer to target your customers, and also launch a 'cash' campaign to target publishers.

  • Orders are NOT considered a referral if an Affiliate uses their referral link with their rewarded coupon codes on your store.

  • If you uninstall Kickbooster, your Affiliates will no longer be able to create coupon codes with their rewarded commission. Before uninstalling Kickbooster, be sure that all of your Affiliates have claimed their store credit. (Kickbooster does not need to be installed in order for the Affiliate to USE the coupon, but it does need to be installed to CREATE the coupon.)

  • The Affiliate is claiming a single-use coupon code. If they were to give their code to a friend, that coupon can only be used once so it would be considered redeemed. 

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