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How do I claim my store credit commissions?
How do I claim my store credit commissions?

Learn how to turn your commissions into coupon codes! (eCommerce only)

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If you're participating in a referral program that is offering you store credit as a reward, this article is for you! 

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about turning your commissions into coupons that you can use back on the store. 

This article walks you through the entire process, including sharing your Affiliate link with your network. If you have already created and distributed your Affiliate link, you can go ahead and skip to step 3.

1.) Refer your friends

After registering to the store's referral program, you'll be brought right into your Kickbooster dashboard. Your Affiliate link will be available on the 'Share' page.

Copy your Affiliate link and share it on your social media, website/blog, YouTube channel, etc. 

2.) Earn rewards
When you successfully refer a new sale to the store, your commission for the referral will go into review.

Once the referred sale has successfully completed the review period (a period selected by the Merchant), the commission will be available to be claimed. 

3.) Claim your commissions

Your dashboard will always show your current balance of unclaimed store credit. 

If you're ready to turn your commissions into coupons, click 'Create Coupon' and insert the amount in which you are looking to claim.

Keep in mind that: 

  • You can only use each coupon once.

  • You can only use one coupon on an order.

  • If the value of the coupon is more than the order amount, the extra coupon amount is lost.

  • The coupon will expire in 30 days.

You should ensure you redeem an appropriate amount for what you intend to order.

4.) Redeem your coupon
Once you've created your coupon, it's time to use it on the store. If you click the 'Use on Store' button, Kickbooster will take you right to your store and the coupon will automatically be applied to your cart.

Special Notes

  • Coupons are valid for 30 days

  • Coupons are single-use, so if you give it to your friend and they use it, the coupon is considered redeemed. 

  • If the Merchant has ended their referral campaign, coupons can no longer be generated. You will need to reach out to the Merchant directly to discuss your outstanding commission. 

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