How do I contact my Affiliates?
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Building and maintaining relationships with your Affiliates is a key ingredient to a thriving referral program.

For that reason, Creators have the option to collect their Affiliates' contact information upon signup.

Here's how:

1.) Head to your campaign settings and select 'Ask my Boosters to opt in'. 

2.) Insert the URL to your privacy policy and click Save and Continue.

Your Affiliate will need the ability to review your privacy policy before opting in to sharing their information with you. 

That's it!

From this point forward, your Affiliates will have the option to opt in to sharing their information with you.

Where can I find my Affiliates email address?

If your Affiliate has opted in, their email address will be listed inside your Boosters page as well as inside the individual Affiliates profile:

You can also export your affiliates email addresses right from your Boosters' page:


I don't have a privacy policy. Can I still collect my Affiliates email addresses?

Kickbooster takes the protection of personal information very seriously.

Users that sign up through Kickbooster have full control over whether or not Kickbooster shares their information to others. Their data does not belong to Kickbooster, and therefore cannot be shared without their permission.  

In order to protect user's personal information, Kickbooster is unable to share their information unless they've had the option to review how their information will be used (within your privacy policy) and have specifically opted in to share their information.  

What should my privacy policy state?

We are not lawyers and we cannot tell you exactly what should be in your policy. If you are unsure of what should be included in your policy, we highly suggest seeking legal advice. 

At a minimum, your policy should disclose how you process and share the personal information you collect. It should explain what you do with the information after you've collected it. 

I ran a referral program with Kickbooster in the past. How can I get my Affiliates' email addresses?

Once you enable this feature, any new Affiliates that register to your referral program will be requested to opt in.  Kickbooster will not retroactively request your Affiliates to opt in. 

I used to have access to an Affiliates' email address but it's no longer available.

Affiliate's have the ability to revoke their permission for Kickbooster to display their personal information at any time. If an Affiliate has disabled the ability for Kickbooster to share their information with you, their email address would no longer be visible within your dashboard. 

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