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Launching a Referral Program
Launching a Referral Program for my Crowdfunding campaign
How can I prevent Boosters from referring themselves? (Crowdfunding)
How can I prevent Boosters from referring themselves? (Crowdfunding)

Learn how to manage self-referrals when running a referral program for your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Although the thought of Affiliates earning rewards for "referring" themselves can sound concerning to some, it's actually very common for Campaign Owners to use their Kickbooster referral program as a way of offering 'discounts' (i.e. cash back) to their backers. For this reason, Kickbooster allows Campaign Owners to decide how they want to handle self-referrals.

In this article, you will learn how Kickbooster can help you take steps to prevent self-referrals if need be.

How can Kickbooster detect a self referral?

The only way Kickbooster could detect a self referral is if the Affiliate and Backer share the same email address. Please note that we are unable to compare email addresses until the end of the campaign.

How can I manage self-referrals?

1.) Head to your Reward settings and scroll down to "Handle Self-Referrals

2.) Choose whether you want Kickbooster to allow potential self referrals or reject them. 

If you choose to auto-reject self-referrals, Kickbooster will void any commissions for detected self-referrals at the end of your campaign and before issuing your affiliate fees invoice. 

Note: Affiliates that register to your referral program through Kickbooster's Marketplace are considered new customers, therefore self-referrals from these Affiliates will always be accepted.

A word of advice

Regardless of how you choose to handle self-referrals, we recommend ensuring that your referral reward is set in a way that your campaign still benefits from every pledge made. 

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