Google Analytics launched a new version of their platform called GA4.

GA4 uses a new tracking ID that begins with 'G-' instead of the previously used universal analytics code that began with 'UA-'.

We strongly recommend using the previous version of Google Analytics for your campaign, but if you have already created a new GA4 account there is still a way to create a UA code to use on your campaign page, and in your Kickbooster Referral Program settings.

Here's how to create a UA tracking code in your GA4 account:

1. Click on your GA4 account under the Analytics Accounts column in the top left dropdown menu, then click on any of the properties listing under the Properties & Apps column.

2. Click on the Admin tab at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

3. Click on Create Property under the Property column.

4. Fill out the required fields and then click Show Advanced Options.

5. Create a Universal Analytics Property by clicking this toggle switch.

6. Input your campaign page URL and select either option, then click next.

Option 1 will generate both a 'G-' code and a 'UA-' code, while option 2 will only create a 'UA-' code. Either option is fine, so it depends on your preference.

Tip: your campaign page URL should either look like or

7. Fill out the required fields and then click Create.

Heres how to find the UA code in your new property:

If you selected option one (create both a 'G-' code and a 'UA-' code):

  1. After clicking Create you'll be shown this view. Click on the Connected Site Tags bar.

2. Your 'UA-" code will be visible here.

If you selected option two (create a 'UA-' code ONLY)

  1. After clicking Create you'll be shown this view. Your 'UA-' code will be shown at the top of this page.

How to find your 'UA' code again in the future

Your property tracking ID will always be visible in the main dropdown menu located in the top left corner of your screen:

For information on how to input your UA tracking code to your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign page, click here.

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