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How to navigate Kickbooster's Marketplace
How to navigate Kickbooster's Marketplace
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There are new campaigns landing on our Marketplace everyday!

As an affiliate, you may have a checklist of must-haves when deciding which campaigns to participate in. Below are tips on how to navigate our Marketplace so you can quickly find the campaigns that fit your criteria.

Featured Campaigns

When you first land on our Marketplace, you will see 'Featured Campaigns' at the top. These campaigns are selected by our team. These campaigns are currently updated weekly on Wednesdays.

On the banner feature, you will see an image of the campaign, the campaign name and a brief description of their brand/product. You will also see a button to 'View campaign', which will redirect you to the campaign page, and 'Boost campaign', which will take you to their sign up page with more details of their program offering and the option to sign up if you're interested.

Staff Picks

When you first land our Marketplace, you will also be shown our Staff Picks page. Our team hand picks campaigns that we love to be featured on the Staff Picks page of our Marketplace. We look at the product, the design, marketing, and the campaign page to determine our favourites.

Filter and Sort

On the lefthand side, you can view your filter options. You can filter your search by choosing the campaign type (All Campaigns, Staff Picks, Crowdfunding, or eCommerce). You can also select specific categories or choose to view 'All' categories.

After you've filtered the campaigns based on your preference, you also have the option to sort your selection by Newest Arrivals, Most Funded (Crowdfunding only), Ending soon (Crowdfunding only), and Commission: High to Low.

You can sort your selection by clicking the 'Sort by' dropdown list that's located at the top of the campaign listings:

Viewing Campaign information


The referral program will automatically end once the campaign ends. Should the campaign transition to Indiegogo InDemand, you will receive an email notification advising that you can continue promoting and earning commissions for the campaign.

If a campaign is on Indiegogo InDemand, it will be labeled as 'In demand'. There is no known end date for these campaigns as the campaign owner can choose when to end their referral program.


In order to track any referrals on a Shopify store, Kickbooster will place a cookie on the customer's browser after clicking on an Affiliate link. The owner is able to set the cookie duration from 30-365 Days.

The cookie duration dictates how long a visitor has to purchase from the store after clicking on your Affiliate link in order for you to get credit on the sale, given that the referral program is still active at the time of the purchase is made.

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