When you pay your affiliate fees, Kickbooster handles the commission payment to your affiliates. Below are the few reasons why their commission payments are in a "pending payment" status after you've paid your fees:

Awaiting Kickbooster's following payout date

Kickbooster payouts commissions on the 1st and 15th or following business day every month. After you pay your affiliate fees, your affiliate's payment status will go into a "pending payment" state until we process the payment on our following payout date.

If the affiliate's payment status is still in "pending payment" after a payout date has passed, it could be two of the following reasons:

1.) Affiliate does not have a PayPal email added to their account

As per our terms, commission payments are processed through PayPal. Kickbooster creates a payout for an affiliate when there are funds owing that meet our minimum $20 USD payout requirement.

If an affiliate does not have a PayPal email address on file, Kickbooster will send an email notification advising the affiliate that we require a valid PayPal email added to their account in order to receive their commissions. Once a PayPal email address has been added to their account, commissions will be paid on our following payout date.

or 2.) Affiliate does not meet the minimum payout requirement

As per our terms, Commissions will be paid when the affiliate user’s account payable balance is $20 USD or more.

When an affiliate's payable balance doesn't meet the minimum $20 USD payout balance, their funds will remain in their Kickbooster affiliate account and will be paid out once they generate additional referrals and reach the $20 USD payout requirement.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please reach out to our support team at team@kickbooster.me.

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