How to write an awards section for your resume?

Awards are always impressive. They show that you're willing to go the extra mile and have what it takes to excel.

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You can either include your awards in other parts of your resume (like Education or Work Experience) or put them in a dedicated section.

Scholarships can be included under the education summary. Awards for something you did as part of your job can be included under the employment history. 

But if you were awarded for doing something outside of the usual scope of your work, display it proudly in your awards section:

  • Always include the date of recognition. Let an employer know you still have the skills that earned you the prize.

  • Explain the significance of each award. For example: Earned Clio Music Award 2016 for Use of Music in the Best Ketchup advertisement campaign.* Were you the only one who received it? What did you have to do to accomplish it?

  • Scope of the award. Was it a regional award? National? Or even international? Be specific.


  • Describe some background information with each award.

  • Don't go too deep into your past.

  • Your awards section can be a great conversation starter. If included, prepare to defend it on the interview.

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