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Can I add photos to my resume?
Can I add photos to my resume?

Only include a professional-looking photo of your face.

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You can add your profile picture. In most cases, it should be a professional-looking shot of your face.

Also, adding more than one picture to your resume is never a good idea. Why? Resumes packed with photos can easily confuse ATS systems that recruiters use to weed out unsuitable candidates. In other words, resumes loaded with pictures usually don't reach the hands of recruiters at all.

Pro tips:

  • Create an online photo gallery and include a link to it in your resume (use the field labeled as "Website"). 

  • Or include your Instagram account if you have job-related photos there.

  • If you aren't sure whether you should even include your profile picture, read the following article and learn what experts say about having a photo on a resume.

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