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How does Kimby work?
How does Kimby work?
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Kimby is the first private investment club providing its members the ability to invest in high-value diamonds. The general process is as follows:

  1. We Find Unique Diamonds: We search the market for unique high-value diamonds with potential for appreciation or wealth preservation.

  2. We Create A Special Purpose Vehicle: Once the diamond is selected, a Delaware Special Purpose Vehicle ("SPV") in the form of a Limited Liability Company is formed.

  3. We Buy The Diamond: Members are able to buy units in the SPV and once the Offering is closed, participating members receive their units and the diamond is acquired.

  4. We Sell The Diamond: The diamond is held for a period of time, and upon a sale, members who own units receive their pro-rata proceeds.

No offering is made to the public as the opportunity is only offered to the club members. Additional, terms and conditions apply. The above description is an abstract of the process. For more detailed information, please read the documents or contact our team.

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