What are the fees?
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Reserved funds & Reimbursements

Percentage of the Offering price or a specific amount that is stated in the Offering documents and is charged upon Offering closing.

Cover costs and fees such as offering expenses, acquisition expenses, sourcing fees, platform fees, and due diligence.

Platform Fee

1% annual platform fee of the Offering amount.

This fee is charged within the reserved funds that is kept for ongoing maintenance of the series vehicles.

Administrator Fee

20% net profit upon the sale of the underlying asset.

This fee is charged upon the sale of the underlying gemstone related asset.

Extraordinary Costs & Expenses Reimbursements

These amounts, if any, cannot presently be determined.

These fees cover non-routine or extraordinary costs and expenses related to the vehicle, which will be paid by the Administrator but will be reimbursed upon the sale of the underlying asset or winding down of the vehicle, as applicable.

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