There are two ways to add a Practitioner;

  1. via the Group

  2. via the Practitioner Directory

1. Adding a practitioner via the Group

From the Admin Dashboard, click on Early Years and select Dashboard.

Click on the name to expand the group and click +Add Practitioner. 

If you have already added staff in the Practitioner Directory, you can select them from the dropdown box, or you can click Add new staff member and follow the on-screen instructions.

Each staff member is identified by an email address, so you cannot add two staff members using the same email address.

When you click Submit, the new staff member will receive an email asking them to set-up a password.

2. Adding a practitioner via the Practitioner Directory

From the Admin Dashboard, click on Administration and select Practitioner Directory.

Click the Add Practitioner button.

Follow the on-screen instructions as described above.

Once you click Submit if you see the following message under the new practitioner's name, you must attach a role to this person.

To do this, go into the practitioner's profile by clicking on their name. 

Click Add Role and select their role from the dropdown box;

Now select which group they have access to, you can select more than one, and click Add Role;

You will now see a role for this practitioner. Click Save when you are finished.

How do I change my password?
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